About Rick

Rick Guttery

Rick Guttery is an LSU fan even though he was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He said; “How can you not be a TIGER FAN after living in Baton Rouge most of your life?”

More than 600 realtors in the area have been personally trained by Rick over a 24 year span while he was the owner of Louisiana Dream Home and Diamond Realty. Rick decided in August of 2013 to rename Louisiana Dream Home to Rick Guttery Realty. He said “I have helped hundreds of buyers and sellers over the past 24 years. I realized that they may need to see my name on a sign to know I am still very active in the real estate business to help with their needs”.

Rick Guttery is also the sole owner of Courtyard Mortgage which was opened in 2005 to give an option to buyers on a more personal and local level.

Rick’s mission statement: As long as I take care of God’s business first, my business will take care of itself.


Rick Guttery is married to Darlene. They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren.